Supper Steps to have him forget other Women

Are you in a relationship where you are rejected, neglected and abandon by your man for other women? Do your feel your man is gradually sleeping off your hands? Wondering how to go about getting your man back all to yourself? We have just four supper steps for you take.

1.    Try to embody the character you had before meeting him, Think of how good-looking you were then, go out there and get the best designer cloths, shoes and bags then you will get to know that with all these he will be forced to seek for your attention. At this point, you could choose to give him just little or no attention while you claim to be busy with things that matter to you.

2.    Try to be confidence in every thing you do, apply that boldness. Wake up in the morning, take your bath, get your body cream and spray, smell good, get a good dress and work through the door for your daily business. There he will be forced to ask you where you are going to.


3.    Working on your attitude as a woman will go a long way in bringing your man back home to you. Are you a pedagogical nag, Insolence, dirty and proud? Do you make the home so uncomfortable for him when he returns from work? You will definitely have a long way to go just to get your man back. Therefore you have to work on those attitudes that scare him away so to embrace peace at home.


4.    What about your performance on bed, do you have that sense of romance which could make a man call for more? Can you be there for him anytime? Try to teach him how to be romantic, getting him a good meal and seasonal movies to watch after work will definitely go a long way. With this he will be all yours.

You will definitely get to know that with all this qualities, you man will have no reason to look outside