Questions to ask a woman on the first date

Most of us are fun of asking questions that could spoil a date, if you are on a date, you must mind the kind of question you dispense so to make your date comfortable. We are going to take your through certain questions you should never ask while on a date.

Why did you break up with your ex? : As a date, you are supposed to stand as a new hope to a woman and not taking her back to her past relationship. If you must know about her past relationship, then it must give her time to be used to you.

What does you father do for a living? : My dear, are you there for the father or you are on a date with the young lady. Checking on her father regarding what he does for a living is out of it.

How much do you earn? :  Don’t even go there as most of these ladies could see you as one who came for their money and not the heart. As a man you have to avoid this.

When last did you make love? : This is the most annoying part of it. Love making shouldn’t be part of your discussion on a first date. For you to make her comfortable with you, try to avoid love making discussion.

How old are you? : Trust me, 85% ladies in Africa will never tell you their age on a first date. To them they believe it’s not relevant, so avoid it.