4 Types of Men to Avoid As a Woman

According to ladies generally, it is mostly believed that “All men are the same “. Now for what so ever situation you find yourself, never you conceive this believe because all men can never be the same. There are certain qualities in men you should look out for and try as much as possible to avoid the bad ones should you come across them. With bad ones, they have 5 bad qualities you should work out for and here we go.

Liars: You can never get anything good from a man who lies a lot, not even the love he profess to you should you trust. Your heart, future and commitment to him can never be saved. As a woman out there searching for a man to spend the rest of your life with, you have to make sure you study him in this area seriously.

A Flirt: If you are jealous woman, please stay off a flirting man before you commit suicide or end up in Jail for another woman because the possibility of changing a flirt is a long term process and could take you ages or may never come through, so to save your self the stress, look for man who can take you for whom you are and you alone.

An Indolent Man: As a successful woman who is ready to settle down with a man, you will need a man who can give you at most 65% support in a relationship so you could have a little to be committed with and more to take care of the home and your self but when come across an indolent man then you will have 150% commitment to cover, that is by taking care of him, yourself and the home and trust me that will be suicidal.

Married Men: As a single woman out there, I believe so much in the saying “when you sleep with another woman’s husband so will other women sleep with your dream husband”. The choice is yours. I have always believed that this is a blessing to all single men out there. Haaa! It is funny, right?

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