How to get into his Head

How to get into a man’s head has always been a woman’s dream, especially when it comes to do with[….]

a man they so much love. Many women barely even know their position in the heart of a man until he is ready to pick a wife.

Most single ladies do not have an idea regarding those qualities men expect from them while some belive that all a man needs from a lady is to use her and dumb her for another woman. They question here is “what does the other woman possess that you do not?”. To get into his head you must possess certain qualities that will make it dificult for him to get you out of his mind.

Don’t be too emotional:Learn to control yourself while hanging out with a man, no matter your level of feelings towards him, try not to make him notice it. Men are fun of denigrating women with much feelings. To have him go crazy over you,try to express a little of your emotion while he works so hard to get the rest from you.

Never bother about what he is thinking: Never be too curious to know what a man thinks or what plan he has for you rather concentrate more on a friendly conversation ,that is what men love must. Once you try to read his mind, he gets so uncomfotable with you because there are certain issues he wouldn’t want to bother himself with while with you.

Never ask for his where about nor what he is doing: Most men feel so insecured when ever these questions come up. Most times they feel you are being too inquisitive by asking them “their where about, what they are doing and whom they are hanging out with”. The truth is, most men feel embarrased answering those questions while hanging out with friends. They feeling of being too control by a woman brews in them and their friends could laugh at them.

Learn to be polite and respectful: Being polite and respectful goes a long way in getting a man’s attention and also more recommendation from his friends . Try to accommodate his excesses while you work on them in a more diplomatic way.

As a woman, some time it is wrong for you to force yourself on a man, most men will never take you seriously, all they do is to get what they want from you then move on with other woman. It can only take a man with a couragous heart to notice you and know your worth.