How to get people to love you more

The best of a relationship is when love dominates all that matters. Love gives you that security and confidience to function well in life.Once you are loved, you get the previlage to[….]be focus in life and also have that rest of mind owing to the fact that no matter how much pressure life could come with, there is always a place to run to for relieve.

Finding yourself in a world where love does’nt exist could be hell, most of us jumb from one relationship to another just to search for love but to no avail. At first, you both get along well but weeks later, every thing falls apart, you feel betrayed,cheated, neglated and may end up wondering why life is so unfair to you.Most of us rate love to be the most expensive thing to get in a relation or in life generally but the truth about love is that it cost nix. To be loved , there are certain qualities needed so to attract as much love to yourself.

1. Practice how to love others: Love is’nt a fallen manner from heaven. To be loved you have to work for it, learn how to show that love not just to your spouse but to others. In every thing you do, try to have the interest of others at heart so in return, they could do same.

2. Request for little or Nothing from People: Learn how to work for your daily needs. You don’t have to go from one person to another always seeking for help, learn how to help yourself and others as well for no matter the amount of savings you make in life, you can never take it to the grave.Once people get to know you request for little or nix from them, they will always have this relax mindset when ever they have arround you.This quality can attract a lot of people to you, even when you have problems, they will be willing to show that love you never ask for.

3. Learn how to accept love from others:Pride has a way of robbing nature off its enttlement. When you feel too important or unique to accept love from certain class of people just because they are not in same level with you, you will end up entangling yourself with those who will never have your interest at heart,the only interest within them is to exploit you in the guise of frienship,you could only get to know more of their intention when you are broke.It is advisable to aknowledge love from those you think have nothing to offer for their love could go along way of assisting you when you are down.

4. Practice a welcoming Attitude:Most time our attitude drives love ones away from us. If your love ones fail to show you the love, who will? It could take you a lot of doing to find love from people when a bad atitude is inlove. You have to work on your atitude,you have to develop an invitting character so that people could be there for you when you need them.

Once you are able to carry out these qualities,you will get to know that more people will be attracted to you so to share their love with you and also give you the moral support in life.

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