How to get what you want from a guy

You could imagine what it feels to be cared for by a man. I mean getting good gifts from him and [….] have him foot your bills.

Most women aren’t that lucking when it comes to do with meeting a man who could give them all the necessary care and affection. Persuading a man to do what you want involves a great deal but don’t too worry as we will guide you on how to go about it.

Be attractive: A man derives lot of pleasure in looking at a beautiful woman. He will desire to have her all to himself and make sure he goes miles just to please her. As a lady, to benefit from this kind of man, you have to be attractive and presentable so to attract his pocket.

Give him a little tough time: Never throw yourself on a man because he won’t take you seriously. Once a man gets what he wants from you, his desire drops along with the affection but everything still remains in your power to have him call back. Make sure a man works so hard to get your attention, by so doing he will do anything just to get what he wants.

Presenting him with surprising gift: Don’t stay back expecting gifts from a man always, try to present him with good gifts as well so to encourage him do the same. Men cherish ladies who offer them with good gifts a lot.

You have to be faithful and committed: You can’t cheat on a man and still expect something good from him, by doing this you have automatically sold your position in his heart.

Intimacy: When it comes to do with intimacy, please make sure you do your very best because the best alone will determine your take home package.

With all these, I believe it could go a long way in convincing a man that you are good to go with.