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Cause of Melbourne Plane Crash Revealed

Cause of Melbourne plane crash revealed.

The two engine plane from Essendon Airport had crashed into a shopping centre, living at least five people death.

Crash Site.Cause of Melbourne Plane Crash Revealed
Crash Site

In the plane were four Americans and one Australian pilot.The four Americans involved in the plane crash were tourists heading to King Island to play golf. According to the police, ukrido.com learnt that the cause of the crash was related to an “engine failure” minutes after take-off.

Crash Site
Crash Site.Cause of Melbourne Plane Crash Revealed

According to the assistant commissioner of police, Stephen Leane said:

The pilot unfortunately attempted to return to Essendon but has crashed into the DFO at Essendon Fields.

“Looking at the fireball, it is incredibly lucky that no one was at the back of those stores or in the car park of the stores that no one was even hurt.” Leane said.

Firefighters at the Crash Site. Cause of Melbourne Plane Crash Revealed
Firefighters at the Crash Site

Daniel Andrews, the state premier confirmed the incident and said:

“ It was the worst civil aviation disaster in Victoria for 30 years, and commended the work of emergency service personnel who attended the scene.”

Further investigation is on-going as Essendo airport and the DFO centre have been short-down by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Permits have been issued to the police, firefighting planes and ambulance to visit the area where the incident occurred.

Craig Labsley, the Commissioner for State Emergency Management, said:

“Psychological support would be provided to emergency services personnel and witnesses to the crash, the government have learned a lot from Bourke Street about managing trauma. Counselling services were offered after last month’s Bourke Street tragedy, which led to the deaths of six people.”

Jason, a caller to ABC Melbourne who was in a taxi, said he looked out the window and saw the plane.

“I saw this plane coming in really low and fast. It went just behind the barriers so I couldn’t see the impact but when it hit the building there was a massive fireball.

“I could feel the heat through the window of the taxi, and then a wheel, it looked like a plane wheel, bounced on the road and hit the front of the taxi as we were driving along. We kept driving and there was big fireball behind us.”

Dr Douglas Drury, a lecturer in University of South Australia Aviation said:

“It will be very difficult because the aircraft was carrying a great amount of fuel, because it was starting a flight, so there’s a lot of gas and a lot of fire.

“The King Air plane was highly regarded by pilots: “The King Air is a very robust aircraft. It’s been in operation for a number of years, flown thousands of hours around the globe. It’s a trusted aircraft.” The lecturer said.

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