How Obazee vowed to remove Pastor Adeboye

It has been exposed how Obazee vowed to remove Pastor Adeboye from office as the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Pastor Segun Adegbiji, the head of Media and Public Relations in Redeemed Christian Church of God revealed yesterday how the embattling former FRCN Boss Obazee, vowed to remove Adeboye from office and that when the new FRCN policy was brought to Pastor Adeboye,  he called for the attention of Obazee and in response, Obazee said:

“I am in my office, if Pastor Adeboye really wants to see him, he knows where to reach him.”

Efforts to convince Obazee to withdraw from implementing the FRCN regulation which required all the heads of religious group in the country to rule for 20 years and then hand over the office to some one else from another family.

According to Pastor Adegbiji,  the movement made by Pastor Adeboye to tire was informed by the provision of the FRCN Act and that Pastor Adeboye does not do anything without consulting God.

Pastor Adegbiji said:

“The newly appointed country overseer, Pastor Joseph Obayemi may remain the overseer in charge of Nigeria operating from his current regional headquarters in Somolu in Lagos.

“The national headquarters of the church remains in Ebute Metta, Lagos, while the global headquarters is at the Redemption Camp, but the new country overseer, Pastor Obayemi may not immediately move to the Ebute Metta headquarters because it will be administratively inconvenient for him to operate from the headquarters of another region.”

Pastor Adegbiji futher gave more light regarding the General Overseer’s retirement. According to him :

“The General Overseer has not stepped down. He is still the General Overseer of the church and the announcement has not diminished his schedule across the globe.”

He also said that:

“Pastor Obayemi, who will now oversee RCCG’s 28 regions in Nigeria, was one of the seven senior pastors promoted Assistant General Overseers and members of the Governing Council, during the 2016 convention of the church last August.

“Pastor Obayemi was a deputy in charge of Finance and a member of governing council in RCCG, before his appointment as the new Country/national Overseer of the church. RCCG, with 14 parishes before Pastor Adeboye’s entrance, has grown to become one of Nigeria’s biggest with branches in 192 countries.”