Barcelona to pay Messi £26million deal to block Transfer

Barcelona to pay Messi £26million deal to block Transfer. Ukridosblog, has been able to gather information regarding Lionel Messi’ new deal with Barcelona.

The contract talk between Barcelona and Lionel Messi which have been running for months now, finally came through as Lionel Messi’s representatives successfully convinced the club increase the wages of their client.

According to an Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, the £26million per season is expected to run till 2021. That is to say Lionel Messi will be earning £72,000 a day from henceforth in Nou Camp.

It is also expected that Lionel Messi’s release clause will increase to £348million.

The essence of this new deal is to make sure that Lionel Messi does not live the club after the expiration date of his contract, which will be next month.

Barcelona have been so worried that the striker could leave on a free transfer next season. For this reason, Barcelona had to do everything possible to respond to Messi’s demand.

Well! Congratulations to Lionel Messi, I just hope he lives up his clubs expectations.