Oxlade Dumps Arsenal For Liverpool After 4-0 Defeat

Oxlade Dumps Arsenal For Liverpool After 4-0 Defeat. A deal to join Chelsea FC was offered to the 24-year-old midfielder on Tuesday but herejected it, insisting he will rather head to Liverpool.

Along the line, after Oxlade had refused to renew his contract with the gunners, they were left with no choice than to allowed him join Liverpool.

The midfielder was sent to obtain his medical yesterday at St George’s Park.

According to Express Sport, It emerged that the deal was imminent when Colossal Sports Management, who represents a host of players including Oxlade-Chamberlain, Raheem Sterling and Saido Berahino tweeted: “DEAL AGREED!!!! #LIVERPOOL #YNWA #COLOSSAL @LFC.”

The tweet attracted a lot of attention from Chelsea and Arsenal fans that management company had to delete it.

Gary Neville, a former player to Manchester United, when he saw the situation on Twitter,  reacted and said it was rather “ embarrassing”

Arsene Wenger tried to convince him to stay back but the young man wouldn’t listen



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