Tension as North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan

Tension as North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan. Ukridosblog, learnt that on the early hours of Tuesday, North released an unidentified projectile over Japan, which before landing, broke into three pieces as it crashed into the sea 700 miles offshore.

The Chief Cabinet Secretary in Japan, revealed that the ballistic missile was “an unprecedented, grave threat”.

The government said;

“The missile passed over northern Japan early on Tuesday and broke into three pieces before crashing off the east of Cape Ermino on Hokkaido”

According to Express, when the projectile was passing through Japan, the government made no effort to bring it down as they cited that they were more interested in protecting the lives of it citizens.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, speaking to reporters before entering his office for an emergency meeting he scheduled in respect to the missile fired by North Korea, said;

“We will make utmost efforts to firmly protect the lives of the people,”

According to Japanese broadcaster TBS, who took to it Twitter page, wrote;

“Missile launch. Missile launch. It seems that a missile has been fired from North Korea.

“Please evacuate to a rugged building or underground. Target area Hokkaido Aomori Iwate Miyagi Akita Yamagata Fukushima Ibaraki Tochigi Gunma Niigata Nagano.”