20-Year-Old Girl Who Kidnapped 7-Year-Old Girl Has Been Arrested

20-Year-Old Girl Who Kidnapped 7-Year-Old Girl Has Been Arrested. Ajoke Owolabi, was apprehended by officers of the Nigerian Police in Ogun state.

The 20-year-old girl adopted a 7-Year-Old girl who goes by the name Racheal Olorunshola, hid her for over 19 months in Laos.

It was so unfortunate for Ajoke, when she visited Abeokuta with the 7-Year-Old girl to attend a party. According to Ajoke, she kept Racheal in a room, on returning to the room, she realised that Racheal has Absconded.

Racheal was able to reunite with her parents in August, 2017 through the help of a good samaritan.

However, One day, while Racheal was outside her parents home playing, she was able to sight her abductor, immediately she raised alarm, pointing at Ajoke, has the girl who kidnapped her.

When Ajoke was caught and interrogated, she denied ever knowing Racheal but the little girl immediately called aunty Ajoke and when she was searched, her name was seen encrypt on her body. At this point Ajoke confessed to the crime.

The Commissioner of Police Ahmed Iliyasu has ordered the suspect Ajoke be transferred to Anti Kidnapping/Cultist Unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for further investigation and possible prosecution.



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