Characters that send People Away From You

Characters that send people away from you when you most needed them should be addressed so to keep your friends.

Most people complain of being alone in the world where no body shows them that love or affection shared with others.

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This experience comes in when certain qualities in you drive others away from you. No body wishes for this but attitude will always have it way in the long run. In this article, Ukridosblog will discuss on those qualities that will push people away from you when ever you hope to start-up a relationship with them.

Insolence: This character can never take you anywhere in society. It will rather stand as a barrier to meeting people. Majority of those you need to grow are the elderly ones, once the quality comes in, you will be rejected.

Dishonesty: once people loss their trust in you, you will always find it difficult to have them around you and nothing concerns you will ever be considered seriously.

Selfishness: This is the worst quality to keep. No matter the situation, always try to affect others so in turn they could affect you as well. Be a good giver and it will attract friends to you.

Anger: Anger could lead you to a lot of destruction in life. Learn to control your anger because it will help you keep most friends that could be there for you when ever you need them.

Gossip: Talking about other people’s affair could defame your reputation in a way that others wouldn’t want to have you around.

Envious Character: Envy could throw you into unnecessary competition with others. You will always wish to be better than them. This character often leads to gossip which could bring about enmity with your suppose friends

Pride: Friends wouldn’t want to attach themselves with you when ever you make them feel less important. Pride kills friendship fast so you have to avoid it.

Keeping friends involve less doing, all you need is to let go of certain disgusting habit and you will see the turn around.

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