PDP Goes After Osinbajo, Calls Him A Figurehead

PDP Goes After Osinbajo, Calls Him A Figurehead. The Peoples Democratic Party attacked the Acting President of Nigeria, saying that he is not in charge of the country.

According to PDP, it claimed that the body language of the Acting President indicates that he wasn’t given the authority to operate freely as claimed by the Presidency.

According to an interview with PUNCH on Sunday, the spokesperson for PDP, Dayo Adeyeye, said;

“The Acting President is not in charge of the country. He is not in charge of anything. This is why nothing is moving forward.

“How do you explain a situation where two of the ministers who were sworn in after much pressure from the people and the National Assembly have not been assigned portfolios?

“He is not in charge. He is a mere figurehead and cannot do anything. The cabals are still in charge. That is why nothing is moving forward in this country.The two ministers are just idle. They have no offices, nowhere to resume to and nothing to do. What is the essence of their being sworn in then? They are ministers without portfolios.

“It is a constitutional breach on the side of the government because each state ought to have a minister each. Now, these two states had been without ministers for long and after you reluctantly appointed them, you refused to give them offices. “