Nwodo becomes President-General Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Nwodo becomes President-General Ohanaeze Ndigbo. He was the former Minister of Information.

In the just concluded election, Chief Nnia Nwodo was able toemerge as winner with 242 votes while Prof. Chiweyite Ejike, the past Vice Chancellor of the former Anambra State University of Science and Technology,  had just 13 votes.

Among others who contested for the post of the President-General Ohanaeze Ndigbo were Dr. Simon Otuanya,  Commodore Alison Madueke and Chief Joel Enugwu.

Surprisingly,  Chief Joel Enugwu and Dr. Simon Otuanya decided to withdraw from the contest so to support Chief Nnia Nwodo whom they believe is more competent and has the capacity to occupy the office of the President General Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

It was also learnt that Commodore Alison Madueke was unable to attain the screening owing to the fact that he had to equally join others to let go the contest due to pressures.

For these reasons, Prof. Chiweyite Ejike and Chief Nnia Nwodo were the only contenders left and  Nwodo was emerged and he became The President-General Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Alot of participants from different igbo speaking state and other igbo groups especially MASS, Pro Biafran and IPOB converged for the election.

Others where of political class like the Former governor Chief Okwesilieze Nwodo, Former Senate President, Ken Nnamadi and the Traditional Rulers.

In his campaign speech before the election, Chief Nnia Nwodo pledged his  allegiance to die for Ndigbo. According to him:

“I will not use this position to make money; if I am asked to die for you, I will do so”.

Chief Nwodo also promised to ionize the IPOB issues, saying that:

“if we allow them to be killed on daily basis, their blood will be on our head.”

Though the pro Biafrans all over the world and IPOB members are not certain of Chief Nnia Nwodo, supporting them in actualizing the Biafran’s dream.

Well! We pray he makes a good leader for the Igbo speaking states and also have no interference from the government in the course of dispensing his duty as the President.