Breaking News- Rahma Haruna dies at 19

Rahma Haruna, the limbless girl who spent her life living in a plastic bowel has died, she gave up the ghost on Christmas day, 25th Dec.2016.

Rahma Haruna dies at 19
Rahma Haruna dies at 19

The death of the 19 year old girl came as a shock to many Nigerian as she was popularly know to be that exciting girl whom the brother, a 10 year old boy carries about on the street of Kano state begging for alms.

Haruna’s condition was noticed  when she was six month old, there was a sudden stop in the growth of her leggs and arms. At the sixth month, she began to practice how to sit instead of crawling.


Rahma Haruna dies at 19
Rahma Haruna dies at 19

Rahma Haruna’s limbless condition was able to attract a lot of attention while she was alive and many were able to support her with, foodstuffs, wheelchair, cloths and other useful items. She was also supported by the state government.

According to a member of her family who said she passed on after a brief illness, narrating that her body began to run a high temperature, followed by stomachache which resulted to a generalise weakness of the whole body.

Haruna, a native of Lahadin Makole village in Kano died living behind her family members and the dream of becoming a great entrepreneur in future. According to her:

“I want to start a business. A store and anything people buy. That is what I want”

Though she was a moocher but one with a great difference as she never intended to mooch for long. On like others who do so as an endless habit of survival. Haruna’s case was different,  that was why people had to come in so to give her all the necessary assistance.

Her condition though, was able to provide food for the family as a result of the alms she received from people on the street in Kano state.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.