Beyoncé Announce she’s pregnant with twins for Jay Z

Beyoncé Announce she’s pregnant with twins for Jay Z, in perfectly Beyoncé fashion.

Her announcement came as a shock to her fans since she was never freak about pregnancy.

Beyoncé Announce she’s pregnant with twins for Jay Z on her Instagram page which succeeded in drawing alot of attention from her fans.

On her page on Instagram,  she posted:

“We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over.

“We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.”

In addition to her announcement,  Beyoncé is expected to perform in Coachella come April 2017 with the pregnancy of her twins which is just several months old.

Beyoncé with her family. Beyoncé Announce she’s pregnant with twins for Jay Z
Beyoncé with her family

It is a very exciting moment for the family expecially Jay Z, as he looks forward to become a father once again and not just a father but a father of twins. It is going to call for a huge celebration in the industry as the queen mother of pop music will be delivered of twins for her husband.

Beyoncé is going to be the second female musician of her time to be delivered of twins after Jennifer Lopez, who was also delivered of a set of twins to her Ex- husband, Mark Anthony.

After the announcement on Instagram,  Beyoncé as usual of her style, made sure the announcement went off just as she wanted but the image was captured and it went viral on social media.

The picture though alludes to religious iconography with a veil and flowers,  it’s likely she released it herself to her page so to implied that she is expecting her twin in months to come.

Beyoncé made the announcement of her pregnancy at the beginning of Black History Month which is an occasion she celebrates regularly every year.

Now on behalf of ukrido’s readers,   we say “Congratulations” to the Biggest Boy in the industry.Yea, sure! Jay , is gonna make a good father.



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