Iraqi forces retake Mosul airport from Dreaded ISIS

Iraqi forces retake Mosul airport from Dreaded ISIS. The Iraqi troops recapture the larger area of southwest, which they intend to use as a location to capture heavily fortified western suburbs.

Accoding to RT, on Wednesday,  the troops headed towards South of Mosul with a flag carrying ‘For you Hussein”. This was refereed to the grandson of prophet Muhammad.

On getting to Mosul airport, Iraqi troops took over the larger area of the airport therefore giving them the opportunity to recapture the city from the dreaded ISIS.

This achievement will allow the Iraqi troops to acquire the larger part of the area in southwest Mosul so to launch their operation into the western suburbs. This is the location where thousands of ISIS’ s fighters have captured to be used to prepare for their defences.

As the Iraqi troops progressed on their mission, they were accompanied by the US jets and drones. The national police forces were first to use the airfield thereby securing most of the runway at noon. On getting there, it was noticed that the militants had implanted mines all over the complex. ISIS’ s militants had to clash with the troops as the advanced towards their territory.

Iraqi Troops in action.Iraqi forces retake Mosul airport from Dreaded ISIS
Iraqi Troops in action

The spokesman for the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces, Sabah al- Numan confirm the incident and said:

“Our forces started a major operation this morning to storm the Ghazlani airport base and I can confirm that it is only a matter of time before we control the whole area.”

Iraqi Troops in action
Iraqi Troops in action also learnt that the seizure of the area will give the Iraqi troops and their backup from the US, the opportunity to take over the two large airfields close to Mosul.

ISIS is anticipated to intensify the guerilla campaign that it adopted in the eastern part of the city so to frustrate the military effort of capturing the western region.



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