See The 25 Year Old Beauty Queen That Will Never Have a Child

See The 25 Year Old beauty queen that will never have a child. She is a Celebrity in South Africa who has virtually everything a woman should have except the ability to bear children as a result of a biological defect.

Sharon Rose Khumalo, is the newly crowned Miss Mamelodi Sundowns has been facing this all alone since when she was 21 of age.

Sharon Rose Khumalo See The 25 Year Old Beauty Queen That will Never Have a Child
Sharon Rose Khumalo

From her medical report, Miss Sharon, does not carry a Uterus in her body neither does she has Ovaries for reproduction. These are the two vital organs in a woman’ so body that give her the opportunity to bear a child or children.

Sharon Rose Khumalo
Sharon Rose Khumalo

The Pictorial Queen is a model who was among the 16 finalist Miss South Africa beauty pageant in 2016, responding to an interview with Sowetan, she said:

“I was ‘shattered’ after she learned about the situation.

“I just wanted to go home and cry. Sometimes I am okay and then on some days I look at other women who have children and I know I will never have that, but I have learned to accept that this is the situation and I can’t really change that.” 

A condition in which one is born with a reproductive system of another sex is know as intersex.

Uterus and Overies plays a major role in the life of every woman that no matter what you get yourself involved as a woman, you must not allow anything to happen to your Overies or Uterus.

These two organs define the woman in you by enabling you to give birth to children. In order to protect your Overies and the Uterus from being damaged,  you have to avoid abortion especially from the quack who parade themselves as a Medical Doctor.

As for Sharon, she was born into the situation and will need a great courage to leave with it except God chooses her for a Miracle. Trust me, her case is not deferent neither too hard for God to handle.