Osama Bin Laden’s son vows to revenge father’s death

Osama Bin Laden’s son vows to revenge father’s death after 5 years.For this reason, Hamza Bin Laden has[….] been enlisted in the US counter terrorism sanctions list.

Hamza Bin Laden, a 27 year man whom has been chosen to become the leader of al-Qaeda in future was yesterday classified to be a global terrorist by the US Treasury.

The US government has restricted their citizens from associating themselves with Hamza Osama Bin Laden in any form as he has been formally identified as a global terrorist.

According Mirror.uk.com, the US State Department said:

“On August 14, 2015 Hamza bin Laden, son of Usama bin Laden, was officially announced by al-Qa’ida senior leader Ayman al-Zawahiri as an official member of the group.

Osama bin Laden

“In this 2015 audio message from al-Zawahiri, bin Laden called for acts of terrorism in western capitals.

“On July 9, 2016, al-Qa’ida issued another audio message from Hamza bin Laden threatening revenge against the United States and warned Americans they would be targeted in the United States and abroad.

“Specifically, in 2015, bin Laden called for lone offender attacks against US, French, and Israeli interests in Washington, D.C.; Paris, France; and Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Additionally, in 2016, bin Laden called on Saudi Arabian-based tribes to unite with al-Qa’ida’s affiliate in Yemen to wage war against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The imposition of sanctions by the United States against terrorists is a powerful tool.

“Today’s action notifies the US public and the international community that Hamza bin Laden is actively engaged in terrorism.

“Designations of terrorist individuals and groups expose and isolate organizations and individuals, and result in denial of access to the US financial system.”

Hamza, who was born at Jeddah in Saudi Arabia was found ranting on social media saying: “the United States will be targeted in terror attacks similar to 9/11.We are all Osama”.