Youths in Northern Nigeria give Igbo 3 months to leave their Region

Youths in Northern Nigeria give Igbo 3 months to leave their Region. Ukridosblog,  learnt that youths in the region are accusing the Igbo people of being so ungrateful and uncultured.

They youths who came together to format a group tagged “The Kaduna Declaration” have given all the Igbo people living in the region to turn to their home in Eastern Nigeria.

The Northern youths have also instructed their fellow brothers and sisters in Eastern Nigeria to return back to their region in the North.

While briefing newsmen in Kaduna, the spokesman of the group, Alhaji Abdulaziz Suleiman said;

“With the effective date of this declaration, which is today, Tuesday, June 06, 2017, all Igbos currently residing in any part of Northern Nigeria are hereby served notice to relocate within three months and all northerners residing in the East are advised likewise.

“All northern civil society and pressure groups are by this declaration mandated to mobilize for sustained, coordinated campaigns at their respective State Government Houses, State Houses of Assembly, Local Government Council Secretariats and Traditional Palaces to mount pressure for steps to be taken to ensure enforcement of the directives contained herein.

“The North hereby openly calls on the authorities and other national and international stakeholders to acknowledge this declaration by taking steps to facilitate the final dissolution of this hopeless union that has never been convenient to any of the parties.

”From today, June 6, 2017, when this proclamation is signed, the North, a critical player in the Nigerian project, hereby declares that it will no longer be disposed to coexisting with the Igbos and shall take definite steps to end the partnership by pulling out of the current federal arrangement.

“This conclusion is necessitated by the realization that it since ceased to be comfortable or safe to continue sharing the same country with the ungrateful, uncultured Igbos who have exhibited reckless disrespect for the other federating units and stained the integrity of the entire nation with their insatiable criminal obsessions.

“Rather than certain sections holding the whole country to ransom at every stage, each should be allowed to go its own way as we categorically proclaim today that the North is fed up with being the same country with this pack of acrimonious Igbo partners.

“The persistence for the actualization of Biafra by the unruly Igbo of South-Eastern Nigeria has lately assumed another alarming twist which involved the forceful lockdown of activities and denial of other people’s right to free movement in the South-East by the rebel Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its overt and covert sponsors.

“This latest action and similar confrontational conducts which amount to a brutal encroachment on the rights of those termed as non-indigenous people residing and doing lawful businesses in those areas illegally demarcated and defined as Biafra by the Igbo, are downright unacceptable and shall no longer be tolerated.

“Concerned by this persistent Igbo threat to national integration, the above-named Pan-northern groups met with several others and reviewed the current position of the North and jointly came up with the following observations:

“The Igbo people of the South-East, without remorse for the carnage they wrought on the nation in the 1960s, are today boldly reliving those sinister intentions connoted by the Biafran agitation that led to the very first bloody insurrection in Nigeria’s history.

“Emboldened by the apparent indifference of the Nigerian authorities, the Igbo secessionist tendency is widening in scope and action at every stage, with adverse effects on the law-abiding people of other regions residing in or passing through the East, while the Igbo leaders and elders by their utterances and direct action or inaction appear to support and encourage it.

“The cruel Igbos have done and are doing more damage to our collective nationhood than any other ethnic group; being responsible for the first violent interference with democracy in Nigeria resulting in a prolonged counter-productive chain of military dictatorship.

“The Igbos similarly orchestrated the first, and so far, the only civil war in Nigeria that consumed millions of lives and sowed the seed of the current mutual suspicion and distrust.

“The Igbos are also responsible for Nigeria’s cultural and moral degeneracy with their notorious involvement in all kinds of crimes, including international networking for drug and human trafficking, violent robberies and kidnappings, high-profile prostitution and advanced financial fraud.

“At the peak of the devastating Boko Haram violence in some parts of the North, available records show that the Igbo people have variously been apprehended while attempting to convey catches of dangerous arms and ammunition to the troubled regions.

“There are today sufficient reasons to suspect that some Igbos masquerade as Fulani herdsmen to commit violent atrocities across the country in order to cause and spread ethnic disaffection.

“It is also on record that since the inception of the current democratic dispensation, the Igbos have shown and maintained open contempt and resentment for the collective decision expressed by majority of Nigerians at various stages via generally acceptable democratic processes.

“While these provocative acts of aggression persist and grow in dimension with each new move, leaders of the North whose people are at the receiving end of the threats, appear helplessly unperturbed.

“Rather than endorsing a concise framework for pre-emptive action to protect and safeguard the interest of the North and its people, leaders of the region at every stage tend to seek the cover of a flimsy and long-discarded excuse of having fought in the 60s to keep Nigeria united.

“Without pursuing a resolute action-plan, these northern leaders have adopted and have been dragging its people into a pitifully pacifist position in order to sustain an elusive national cohesion that has long been ridiculed by the Igbos.

“Since the Igbo have clearly abused the unreciprocated hospitality that gave them unrestricted access to, and ownership of landed properties all over the North, our first major move shall be to reclaim, assume and assert sole ownership and control of these landed resources currently owned, rented or in any way enjoyed by the ingrate Igbos in any part of Northern Nigeria.

“Consequently, officials of the signatory groups to this declaration, are already mandated to commence immediate inventory of all properties, spaces or activity in the north currently occupied by the Igbos for forfeiture at the expiration of the ultimatum contained in this declaration. In specific terms, the groups are directed to compile and forward an up-to-date data of all locations occupied by any Igbo in any part of Northern Nigeria including schools, markets, shops, workshops, residences and every other activity spaces.

“We are hereby placing the Nigerian authorities and the entire nation on notice that as from the 1st October 2017, we shall commence the implementation of visible actions to prove to the whole world that we are no longer part of any federal union that should do with the Igbos. From that date, effective, peaceful and safe mop-up of all the remnants of the stubborn Igbos that neglect to heed this quit notice shall commence to finally eject them from every part of the North.”

One thought on “Youths in Northern Nigeria give Igbo 3 months to leave their Region

  • June 7, 2017 at 4:29 am

    The level of treachery of these fulani north is beyond the pale. These reprobates who have turned Nigeria into a hellscape with unprecedented slaughter..are now finding another rouse to carry out their ling held agenda of slaughtering Nigerians to subjection to their Muslim cabals.

    The igbo use democratic and civil means to seek distinct borders that will bring about better resource control. That agitation is not grounds for any kind of war..but it is the fulani who want to distort it into something to justify their agenda of slaughter.

    These bastard are gifted with vilifying the innocent victims of their evil. They who have desecrated Nigeria with slaughtered innocents..are attempting to insinuate that Igbo Christians disguised as fulani have been taking machetes to cut up their own people.

    The Igbo in the north have been productive and prosperous using legal business practices to build wealth there. These wretched monsters want to use their agitation for separate statehood to steal their enterprises. The Igbo use civil protest to agitate for separate statehood..but the fulani are the ones who used violence and corruption to subvert Nigeria’s fledgling democracy and seat buhari. Buhari then passed a heinously unconstitutional grazing bill that allows these fulani to invade all regions of the country. They staged down fake stories about stolen cows to pass a bill to arm the cow herders. Under the protection of buhari administration they have slaughtered communities across the country without any intervention to stop them by the administration. To make matters worse the administration has passed a bill prohibiting citizens to have weapons that could protect them. These are the treacherous and conniving plays for power by the fulani vultures.

    They are quick to criticise igbo for embarrassing Nigeriay their financial and drug dealing crimes. But the horrors of butchered people that litter facebook and committed by the hands of fulani Muslims..pale in comparison to such crimes of opportunity. The international community must realize that to have a stable Nigeria they must develop defenses and infrastructure in the Christian allow a stable and civil Nigeria to be created. These fulani who collude with rogue Arab states and are a deviant horde of killers..must be exposed and uprooted..or Nigeria will become another Rwanda or Darfur. International countries must realize that these fulani planning war eagerly in Nigeria under false provocations..are the same people who are responsible for the crises in Somalia and other African countries where they seek to steal land for their caliphates.

    These threats to remove Igbo by force should be responded to by the government..but since the buhari government complicit in the in their plot to package and hand Nigeria over to their control..nothing will be done. After all the government has armed them and knows about the stashes of weapons in their mosques and compounds. Buhari should be brought to trial by the people and impeached for his obvious treachery and betrayal of the Nigerian people.

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